Executive Committee

Bozano Investmentos is managed by a Strategic Committee, which focuses primarily on strategic issues, and an Executive Committee, which focuses on running and implementing the businesses of each strategy. The Strategic and Executive Committees of Bozano Investimentos are made up of professionals with extensive experience in financial markets, investing, corporate finance and industry.

Executive Committee

Paulo Guedes

Partner at Bozano Investimentos and member of the Executive Committee. Mr. Guedes was one of the four founders of Banco Pactual S.A. in 1983, where he served as chief strategist. After leaving Banco Pactual in 1998, he led a management buyout of IBMEC, a Brazilian higher education institution, and served as President and majority shareholder. After the sale of his stake in IBMEC, he founded BR Investimentos in 2007, an investment firm focused on private equity. BR Investimentos made a number of highly successful investments in the Education and Consumer Services sectors. Mr. Guedes has a PhD Economics from the University of Chicago.

Daniel Borghi

Partner at Bozano Investimentos. Mr. Borghi heads the Education Group of the Private Equity team. He serves as Board Member for Wide, Passei Direto, Prepona, Knowledge, NRE and Medcel. He was previously a partner at BR Investimentos, prior to which he has been an executive at McKinsey & Co, as well as several other companies and investment banks. He graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications from PUC-Rio and has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and a Masters in Economics from IBMEC.

Jaime Cardoso

Partner at Bozano Investimentos, Mr. Cardoso is responsible for the firm’s Consumer, Retail, and Services Group in the Private Equity Area. He currently serves as a Board Member for Estapar, Hospital Care,  Vita Participações and Laticínios São Vicente, has served as Board Member for Hortifruti and Forno de Minas and participates in Estapar’s HR advisory committee. He was formerly a partner at BR Investimentos, prior to which he was Director of M&A at Bradesco Banco de Investimentos, a Director in the Investment Banking Area for Citibank, and an Economist at the IMF. He has a Master of Arts and C.Phil degree in Economics from UCLA.

Antonio Correia

Partner at Bozano Investimentos, Mr. Correia is a Quantitative Strategist at Bozano Quant working with porftolio construction, strategy development and is an enthusiast on innovation and technological applications to financial markets. Prior to Bozano, he was one of the Co-Founders of Trapezus Asset Management working on strategy development and building the automated trading platform. Antônio started his career in the Quant Team at ICAP Brasil, where he was responsible for the development of optimal execution high frequency trading strategies. He holds an MSc in Mathematical Methods in Finance from Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada (IMPA) and a BSc in Electronic Engineering from Instituto Militar de Engenharia (IME).

Daniella Marques

COO and Partner at Bozano Investimentos. Ms. Marques was the head of Risk and Compliance at Mercatto Investimentos and previously an equity portfolio manager. Before joining Mercatto, she was a partner and Executive Director at Oren Investimentos. Ms. Marques graduated from PUC-RJ with a degree in Business Administration and has a Masters in Finance from Ibmec-RJ.

Priscila Rodrigues

Partner at Bozano Investimentos, Mrs. Rodrigues is responsible for the Consumer, Retail and Services private equity practice. Priscila holds an MBA from Columbia Business School with concentration in Private Equity and Real Estate. Prior to joining BI, she worked at Plural Capital in their private equity practice, at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York advising financial sponsors in their investments in the US, and at Pacific Advisors in São Paulo investing in private equity and venture capital transactions. Priscila serves as a Board Member for Hospital Care, Vita Participações and Rede Oba and has served as Board Member for Hortifruti and Villa Germania.  She is also a member of the Public Policy Council at LAVCA and of the Latin American Council at EMPEA.

Felipe Argalji

Partner at Bozano Investimentos dedicated to the Education private equity practice, Mr. Argalji  holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from IBMEC Business School, Rio de Janeiro. He began his career working as an analyst in the Private Equity Division of Gávea Investimentos, where he covered investments in agribusiness, logistics, utilities and retail sectors. After this Mr. Agalji worked at BR Investimentos in 2009 and later became part of Bozano Investimentos. Felipe serves as Board Member for NRE and participated in Abril Educação’s and Anima’s finance and M&A advisory committees.