The Company

Bozano Investimentos is an independent alternative asset manager with approximately R$ 2.7 billion of AUM. Our assets are split roughly equally between private equity and venture capital on the one hand and more liquid asset management strategies on the other, including hedge funds and more traditional public equity and fixed income products. Founded as a partnership in 2013, the Bozano Investimentos team is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive background in financial markets and a strong track record of creating value for entrepreneurs, business owners and investors. With offices located in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, our focus is on maximizing returns for our clients by utilizing our in-depth knowledge of the Brazilian business environment and financial markets, while at the same time emphasizing internally the development of talent, the pursuit of ethical practices and the values of meritocracy, all of which are fundamental to our culture.

Investment Focus

The investment professionals at Bozano Investimentos believe that long term value for our clients can best be created by achieving differentiated returns. Our funds and products, therefore, focus primarily on strategies that seek to outperform their respective markets with low to minimal correlation. Our target investor universe are sophisticated investors seeking alternative investment products to complement the more traditional strategies in their portfolios.

Our Business

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Our focus is on Growth Capital and Early Stage Venture investing

Liquid Strategies

Our focus is on non-correlated strategy such as Quantitative, to complement Public Equity  funds.

Bozano Investimentos Value Creation

At Bozano Investimentos, through a combination of solid knowledge of markets, industry expertise and strong execution capability, we seek to implement strategies that result in value creation for each of our clients.