Equities (Fundamental)

Bozano Investimentos’ Equities team approaches different visions of the same investment philosophy. Research is integrated throughout different strategies, which includes macro analysis of structural assumptions, environment and markets, as well as a combined micro analysis of credit and equities, solvency, profitability and governance, therefore generating efficient gains.

Based on this philosophy, 2 products were created: Bozano Equity Hedge and Bozano Fundamental Ações.

Fund’s Objective

The fund seeks to provide differentiated mid and long-term returns through the equities market.

Investment Policy

The investment policy of the fund consists of stock selection criteria through the use of fundamental analysis tools, with the objective of mid and long-term absolute returns by following the rules and regulations of CMN resolutions nº 3,792 of 2009 and nº 3,922 of 2010, and by considering their subsequent amendments.


General investors who possess an interest in investing capital for the mid to long-term, and seek to obtain capital gains through equity investments, taking into account their short-term variations.


Management Fee: 2% p.a.
Performance Fee: 20% of what exceeds the Ibovespa, with a high-water mark

Other Important Information

ANBIMA Category: Ações Livre
Fund’s Inception Date: 04/25/2003
Investment: Quota D+1
Redemption: Quota D+1
Payment D+4
Initial Minimum Investment: R$ 5,000.00
Minimum Additional Investment: R$ 1,000.00
Minimum Investment Balance: R$ 5,000.00

Wire Instructions

Bank: 341 (Itaú Unibanco)
Branch: 8541
Account #: 0021839-5
Cetip Account: 0096100-8
Selic Account: 682.000.701
Beneficiary: Bozano Fundamental FIA
CNPJ: 05.578.898/0001-01
Investments and Redemptions May be Requested
Working days, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Brasília Time)