Liquid Strategies Asset Management

In addition to Private Equity and Venture Capital, Bozano Investimentos offers funds focused on more liquid strategies, including both alternatives and more traditional asset management products. The alternative strategy is Quantitative, and the more traditional strategies are Brazilian Equities and Fixed Income. The liquid strategies group is made up of a team of experienced professionals, specialized in leveraging synergies from the core area of the various strategies.

The research and development team for quantitative strategies is made up of professionals with strong academic backgrounds and segregates itself from the other strategies due to the operational specifications of the products.

The funds are rigorously structured to optimize the relationship between risk and return for investors and have a solid history of performance. Click here to learn more about the performance of the funds.

Competitive Advantage

The integration between the macro and fundamental research departments and the sector specialized teams, which generate diverse opinions and a deepening of studies, is the main factor that establishes the competitive advantage of Bozano Investimentos.

Investment Process

All investment decisions are based on intensive fundamental research and deliberated in committees, formed by professionals specialized in each one of the strategies. The subsequent allocations reflect beliefs formed from the exchange of knowledge and the commitment to consistent long-term performance.


Discipline is engrained in the culture of Bozano Investimentos and is also present throughout the entire investment process. Bozano has an independent structure for compliance and risk management, with a permanent focus on mitigating various types of risk, which are monitored in real time to the investments made in funds with high liquidity.